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Talisman Kind

Hand Painted Seagull Necklace

Hand Painted Seagull Necklace

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Dive into coastal elegance with our Hand Painted Seagull Necklace, a graceful tribute to the seaside. Adorned with a mesmerizing rhodolite garnet gemstone in a delicate rose cut, this fine silver pendant captures the essence of sophistication. The 18" sterling silver chain adds a touch of refined simplicity, effortlessly complementing any ensemble. Embrace your compassionate style with our vegan-friendly design, and rest easy knowing that our eco-friendly packaging reflects your commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. Elevate your jewellery collection with a piece that not only resonates with beauty but also echoes your dedication to nature and mindful choices.

Key Features:

- Fine silver pendant which has been hand painted

- Rhodolite garnet gemstone

- 18" sterling silver chain

- Pendant measures approximately 35mm x 19mm

- Vegan friendly

- Eco friendly packaging 


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